Tuesday 23 August 2022

Linda Flynn talks to me about her latest collection: I Knew It in the Bath


What got you writing short stories in the first place? 

Short stories are great for experimenting with different styles and ideas. When I was teaching they fitted into my holidays, as it was difficult to follow through with longer projects. Bridge House has been brilliant over the years at providing opportunities and encouragement for short fiction.

Tell me about I Knew It in the Bath.

I Knew it in the Bath is a collection of short stories which show that no matter how we expect events to unfold, life has a way of confounding us.

How did you come up with the title?

This was from a short story that Bridge House had published, set in an hour real time as a woman sits in a bath and reflects over her life. The title suggests that no matter how much you think you know the answers, life doesn’t go to plan.

Why this particular combination of stories?  

The stories are diverse in subject matter and style, but unified by beginning with a quote which hints at the theme. Most have been published before or selected from competitions.

What advice would you give for anyone who wants to write short stories or put together a collection like this?

Have fun, let some of the stories tell themselves as often they are the best ones and harness emotions that you have experienced in other contexts.

What other sort of material do you write?

It varies so much, from children’s fiction, YA novels to short stories for adults.

What's next?

I have two children’s books coming out before Christmas with Bridge House: Playing Together (pre-school) and Santa’s Supersonic Sleigh (5 – 7 years). I have been contacted by someone who would like to make a short film of my immersive theatre piece, Unseen Eyes. At the moment I am working on my Young Adult fiction.

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