21 February 2024

Winner in WAWA Flash Fiction Competition 'The Old Boots' 


15 June 2023

Lancashire Authors' Association 

WILLIAM BARON CUP-  Flash Fiction,

3rd      ‘Gone’                                                       


          ‘There is Abundance’                                  


MERCER CUP – Short Story in Standard English, not exceeding

                             1500 words 

Highly Commended




          ‘How to be a Friend’                                  



 17 June 2023

Lancashire  Authors' Association WILLIAM BARON CUP- for Flash Fiction 

2nd        ‘Vain Courage                                             

3rd        ‘The Stranger on the Bridge’                        


2 June 2022 

Queen's Award for Voluntary Service to Talking about My Generation 

15 November 2021

Bill O' Bows Cup  for services to Lancashire Authors Association 

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