Tuesday 16 August 2022

Here’s a challenge: review every book you read


This it totally different from accepting books for review.  Once you’ve read a book that you’ve chosen to read because it’s the type of book you’re likely to enjoy you’re actually probably going to write a four star or five star review. If it’s really a little disappointing it’s still likely going to be three stars. You’re unlikely to have to give one or two stars. But you have to be scrupulously honest.

Why do I make this challenge?

We all as writers want people to review our books.  Although one star and two star reviews can be upsetting, they still draw attention to the book and on Amazon poke the algorithms. And all the bestselling authors get them too. So, if we want other to review our books, we should do our fair share of reviewing.

You don’t have time? Reviews don’t have to be lengthy. They can be short and to the point. A couple of sentences suffice but they must be really useful sentences.  Why have you given five stars? What works about this book? If you’ve given four stars what has prevented you giving that final star?

After a while you’ll pick up a reputation as a reviewer.  Make sure you’re reputation is that of being a reliable reviewer.  Will people seek out your reviews, because they give useful information?

So there you are. That’s my challenge.

Please don’t ask me to review you book. If your book appeals to me I’ll buy a copy and read and review it when I get round to it. At least I’ve bought the book so in a sense I’ve cut to the chase. If I give fewer than five stars what I say will be helpful. Even if I give five starts I’ll be saying what I believe you’ve done well.

So, my challenge to you: leave a review of everything you read.          

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