Thursday 19 November 2020

Talking to Ray Daley about Cafelit



The Best of CafeLit  9 is now out and in celebration of this I'm interviewing a few of the contributors. First up is Ray Daley.  Check out his superb contribution here that is the most read story on CafeLit.  

Two Tickets To The End Of The World (Unused) 

What made you decide to write for CafeLit?
I'll be honest, when I subbed, I wasn't in a good place as far as my mental health was going. Things were low and dark. I hadn't made a sale or had an acceptance for a long while so I subbed to CafeLit. It's been a lot better since then, I'm glad to say!

How did you pick the drink to go with your story?
I don't honestly recall being given a choice? If I was, I probably would have picked raspberry milkshake. 

Well, it says ice cream shake, so not far off, I suppose.

Flash or short story. Why this form for your contribution / s  this time?
Flash. Again, I'll be honest. You weren't a paying market so I needed something crazy short I could easily write off and not feel too hard a loss for it.
And now you're in  The Best of  so you'll be earning some royalties.

What makes a good story for CafeLit, would you say?
Something odd or surreal, one which catches the imagination and takes you along for the ride.
A very good definition.  Your story certainly does that.  

What’s your latest writing news?
I've just signed a contract for my 1st solo pro-rates sale (to Daily Science Fiction) and I am 78 days into a challenge to sub a story every day to a paying market for a year! I'll be pitching my novel in December, and I'll be volunteering to help people with pitch crits for #PitMad. 2020 may have been terrible for the world at large but this has been my best year for acceptances & publications with not just one but two pro sales this year (so far). I've got another of my Submission Challenges coming up in January, if people want to take part, tweet me


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