Friday 20 November 2020

Chatting today to Paula Readman, another of the contributors to The Best of CafeLit 9



So, Paula, what made you decide to write for CafeLit?

I enjoy writing for CafeLit because of the wonderful support I receive from you Gill and  other  authors and writers. Before Covid19 going to London and meeting up for the book launch was a highlight in a long writing year.

How do you pick the drinks to go with your stories?

Normally when choosing a drink I think about when and where the story would be read, also what the theme of the story is.i.e. No Laughing Matter my flash fiction in this collection is a vampire story so the drink I chose was a Bloody Mary.

Flash or Short Story. Why this form for your contribution/s this time

I enjoy writing both. No Laughing Matter was a piece of flash fiction. Rear View Mirror, a longer piece of fiction in this collection is a statement piece. I wanted to highlight the fact men can find themselves in terrible situation with nowhere to turn. It’s made harder for them because men are supposed to be stronger sex.

What makes a good story for CafeLit?

A story with a beating heart and a clear message whether that is something to make you laugh, cry or just think. It can be of any genre, romance, crime, sci-fi etc. of any setting. 

Fantastic definition: "A story with a beating heart".   

What’s your latest writing news?

My crime novel Stone Angels, crime novella The Funeral Birds and single collection Days Pass like A Shadow are all ticking over in sales. Marketing is difficult as you can never be sure whether what you are doing is the right thing, so I’m busy trying different things to improve my sales. I’m busy editing a novel, writing new stories and planning a third novel. 


You can find Paula's author page here.  

Paula also mentioned out annual celebration which this year we're hosting via Zoom.  It's on 5 December.  If you'd like to join us you can register here.    


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