Wednesday 11 March 2009

Moving from one project to another

It’s a good feeling when you complete a manuscript a week early. That is what has happened to a manuscript I’ve just posted to Continuum. Then it gets scary, as you wait for editorial comment.
It is a good book. I know that. It does something a bit unusual. I just hope it won’t be too unusual for the general public. It is my accumulated wisdom of over twenty years of language teaching. It is also, perhaps, a way of saying goodbye. I don’t really want to write another book like that. Eight years ago, I’d thought of combining that with writing my fiction. Now, I want mainly to write my fiction. I do have to do academic as well. I don’t mind that so much. However, I do pity my voice recognition software as it trawls my computer trying to work out what my style is. It meets my writing for children, writing for young adults, academic writing, writing letters to the bank and practical logistical documents. What might the common recognisable style be that it finds? I guess there isn’t one.
So, I’m now back to the fiction. I have to reread it first. Then I shall start writing again. I’ve not worked on this one for almost two years. It shows. I’ve moved on, and it is very much a first draft anyway.

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