Friday 13 March 2009

A Chat with My Editor

I had a sudden instinct to contact my editor the other day. After all, I do have a few books out soon. This is a small independent publisher we are talking about. They are always a delight to work with. Everything is much more human and friendlier. The down side is that they don’t wield the power of the bigger houses. Our printing is done almost as a favour, and fitted around other jobs the printer has to do. Ironically, they do a lot of printing for an academic press. And I thought that academic books were only done in small numbers!
However, we are on track for Scum Bag coming out in two weeks time. Fingers crossed.
I caught my editor in a good mood. The sun was shining in Cambridge, apparently. In Salford it was dull and dark. Never mind. It was the editor we needed in a good mood, not me. Her good mood improved my own anyway.
It was nice to perceive her excitement being similar to me own. The end of March those books should be out. We talked joyously about the marketing campaign. She’s just read it again, she said. I wonder why? It’s flattering, though.
I’ve ordered some more copies of The Lombardy Grotto. It’s about time I did a bit more pushing myself.

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