Friday 4 August 2023

Today Dawn Knox talks about her involvement with CafeLit


What inspired you to write this story / these stories?


‘Back to Normal’ was obviously inspired by the Covid pandemic and the emergence from lockdown. It’s how I imagine I might have returned to work after the world started to return to something approaching normalcy. I say ‘imagine’ because I’ve never worked in an office – in fact, I am retired and no longer work for anyone!

‘Fabulous Fairytale Footwear’ was one of several drabbles (100-word stories) that I wrote loosely based on well-known fairy tales. Strictly speaking, my retellings are fractured fairy tales because they’ve been changed or told from an unexpected point of view. One day, when I have the time, I hope to put together a book of 100 fractured fairy tales in 100 words, although I still have a few more to write! You can find several of my fractured fairy tale drabbles on CafeLit.



How did you get to find out about CafeLit?

I first heard of CafeLit almost ten years ago and interestingly, that was where I was first introduced to the idea of 100-word stories (drabbles). I loved the challenge of telling a tale in so few words. To my surprise, my first submission was accepted and published on 8th October 2014. It was called ‘The Betrayal’. Since then, I’ve written many more drabbles and also several series of short stories that Gill James has compiled into books, such as ‘Extraordinary’, and my three ‘Chronicles Chronicles’ books – ‘The Basilwade Chronicles’, ‘The Macaroon Chronicles’ and ‘The Crispin Chronicles’.


Do you enjoy reading short stories? What’s special / important about them?

Yes, I like short stories. I love being able to read the entire thing in one go, rather than having to break off and come back later to find out how the story finishes, such as happens with a novel-length story.


Do you know of any creative cafes? (follow the link below to find out what a creative café is)

Yes, I know Around the Clock in Whitstable, Kent It belongs to the son and daughter-in-law of my fellow writer, Colin Payn with whom I’ve co-written a cli-fi book called ‘The Future Brokers’. There are several of our own individual books in the café, including my Chronicles Chronicles books


Tell us a little more about your writing.

 I have three main interests in writing. I’ve written several historical romances as well as serious historical stories set during World War One. My particular interests lie in the early colonisation of Australia, as well as events during World War One and Two.

But sometimes, I like to indulge in a little silliness and write quirky stories that hopefully readers find humorous! The ‘Chronicles Chronicles’ are such stories. I’m currently writing a series of short stories that have been published on CafeLit about a whacky Post Box Topper Society in the fictional town of Creaping Bottom, (I’m sure you guessed that was a fictional town from its name!) So far, the members have encountered what appears to be an alien abduction, a serial killer, a serial complainer, revenge haircuts and marauding squirrels. You can find the latest story here with links to the previous stories at the bottom of the post. There’s a new Star Trek-themed story out shortly on CafeLit.

Dawn’s three books in the ‘Chronicles Chronicles’ series are ‘The Basilwade Chronicles’, ‘The Macaroon Chronicles’ and ‘The Crispin Chronicles’ published by Chapeltown Publishing. Another book, ‘Extraordinary’ is a collection of speculative fiction short stories – some light, some darker.

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