Tuesday 8 August 2023

Fleur Lind, one of the contributores to The Best of CafeLit 12, tells us about her relationship with CafeLit and writing


What inspired you to write this story?
It was November, Christmas was sneaking up and this story idea popped up when an article appeared in our local paper advertising Santa Helpers needed for the Shopping Centre. I imagined Santa sending a letter back after receiving a confusing present list.

How did you get to find out about CafeLit?
My good friend and mentor, author Mason Bushell told me about CafeLit and what a  great platform it is to send my quirky short stories.

Do You enjoy reading short stories?  What's special/ important about them?
Yes, very much.  I like how they are quick to read but have as much substance as a longer story.

Tell us a little more about your writing.
I have written and published four books:  
*A trilogy; a sci-fi fantasy set in a fictitious rest home where the residents and staff stumble over an unlikely portal for time travel. It is laced with humour, a splash of sarcasm and loads of fun.  I am currently working on redefining this story from a trilogy to a series of seven shorter books. This series will have a fresh look with new titles. Watch this space ;-)

*My first memoir/story about my first trip to the UK and Europe in 2019. Blarney to Bastille is the celebration of my holiday 'up north'. I hadn't travelled further than between NZ and Australia, so this was a long overdue OE. It was 40 years being dreamed about, 2 years planning and saving for, and 5 weeks doing it!

I now enjoy writing short stories, and I have fun with weekly prompts. Or an idea pops up from a snippet of conversation or something I see.  I'm frequently writing notes on my Notepad app.  I have been writing short stories for seven years and have quite a stash now, so there was a need to store them on a website to share with readers.  I also have what I call rustic poetry because I break the rules when writing them, and I have added recipes that are dear to me. Martha is a new character who I have a lot of fun writing about.  She is old enough to know better but she does it anyway, she speaks her mind, can be sarcastic, is fun, always means well, and has a kind heart. Things just seem to go a bit haywire when she is about; she is a magnet for trouble.

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