Wednesday 14 April 2010

Contracting and Expanding Time – On Being Away form Home

I’ve noticed this before. Get away from home and you can actually get a lot done – unless you let the whole experience spook you!
I’m on a staff mobility Erasmus exchange at the moment. I flew out to Cyprus on Monday and am visiting the European University just outside Nicosia. I actually completed three hours teaching yesterday and spent another hour and half with colleagues there. And I caught up with a student who came over to Salford. I actually spent some time on showing students how to bring both shape and excitement into expository writing. Today I have meetings with interested exchange students and will be leading a two hour creative writing work shop.
But I’ve also fitted in lots of other things:
Two hours on Peace Child Volume Three – about 1,200 words
Catching up on all emails – work, personal and Bridge House Publishing
Being a tourist
Going out to dinner
Watching a little TV
Reading one and half books – I’ll have probably finished three by the time I get home – I’m holding back at the moment because I don’t want to run out. There is still much hanging about at the airport to be done.
I’ll also be going out to dinner this evening with a group of other people over on Erasmus programmes and I believe this afternoon I’ll have more time for tourism, photos and writing. I may even go for a swim.
It’s easy to get sidetracked and it would be a sin not to find out something about where you are. But get the balance right and you can actually expand time by being away from home. You somehow escape some of the routines which bog you down. Away from home, your time becomes your own.

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