Thursday 1 April 2010

Red Letter Day for the Red Telephone

It was a great day yesterday for us at The Red Telephone. We had to confirm the winners of our first novel competition.
They were:
1. Alex Smith - Calling For Angels
2. Michele McGrath - Ghost Diaries
3. Beth Fisher - Losing Agir
Highly commended: Helen Shay - The Fixed Lands
Our winner is actually only sixteen! She has produced a fantastic novel for fourteen year olds. It just carries you along. It actually needs very little editing.
We had some difficulty deciding the runners up as we had four texts which were similarly good. In the end we found a second and a third and decided to recommend a highly commended award to the fourth.
The second prize winner will get an in-depth commentary on their work and their text will be annotated using Track Changes. The third place and Highly Commended winners will have an in-depth commentary of their work.
It is lovely phoning people and letting them hear the good news. Even our Highly Commended was delighted. We even found out that we are going to be at the same meeting. It will be good to meet up and put a name to a face.
One of the plus sides of becoming a publisher.

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