Wednesday 23 September 2009

New Semester

They say that everywhere student numbers are up. It is to do with the recession, the credit crunch, call it what you may. Young people are putting off the evil day by going into Higher Education. Yesterday we met with our MA students. We could hardly fit in the room. This time last year we all managed to fit around a table.
As we move about the campus at the moment – well we can’t actually move – there are queues everywhere. It is really the busiest time of the year. But I don’t remember it being quite this hectic last year. I presume it will die down a little. However, next week we get our other students back.
Another couple of signs:
- I had to arrive late on Monday and although we only have one year group in, the car park was full.
- The mail room, usually full of boxes of reams of paper is down to two boxes.
We have 69 students enrolled for English and Creative Writing. The numbers are still swelling. Good recruitment, but what will happen when it comes to retention?

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