Friday 11 September 2009

Book Launch Imminent

I’m getting so excited. My book "The Prophecy" launches on 18th September. It actually comes out, of course on 14th September. We’re holding it at the Nexus Art Café in Dale Street, Northern Quarter, M1 1JW. Fans, if you want to come along, you’re most welcome, but do RSVP to Carrot cake and chocolate cake free on a first come first served basis. Books for sale, obviously, and I’ll be doing a few short readings.
It’s a great venue and very appropriate. I’m hoping to get them into the Creative Café network. They’re actually a really good example of the Creative Café. The epitomise it – and they’re still pushing it further.
It was good yesterday, having the excuse to go and visit to pay the deposit. I just had to try a piece of the chocolate cake ….

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Linda said...

Good luck for the launch - enjoy it!