Tuesday 20 January 2009

Small triumphs

I have had a story accepted on the Rainy City Stories site. It is a small triumph. I feel quite pleased with the story. “It’s charming and subtle in its simplicity,” says a colleague. That was the aim.
That aside, the Rainy City site is great. It’s a smart idea – getting people to write stories about where they live in Manchester and then showing that location on a map. I’ve had a good browse through and there is actually some really good stuff on there.
Is this perhaps the new way we get published? We get our work out there and in small chunks. There has to be a way that we get paid for it. There are more and more of these sorts of web sites appearing now and they do offer opportunities. I’m not sure how they maintain quality control, yet this particular one does have a high standard and also does include well known writers.
It’s good fun anyway and a line on the writing CV. To be recommended.

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