Friday 23 January 2009

Literature Training

I’ve received a DIY guide “Getting Where You Want to be” from Literature training. It’s in hard copy and I find it very satisfying to work with. I still love the feeling of making notes with a pen in my hand, though normally my writing goes straight on to the computer.

It is fascinating, though, working through this document. I guess it’s going to take me about six hours altogether and I’m working on it an hour at a time. It really is helping to clarify where I want to go, but it also helps me to celebrate where I’ve already got to.

I do know one thing – absolutely certainly and without any doubt – I now must focus all of my work and money-making activity on writing. My university job does that to some extent. Anything spare must now also go into the writing.

It is my research day today.

I intend to spend a couple of hours on the current project – “Creative Language Learning” for Continuum. Then, I’ll finish my proofs for Butterfly. After that. I’ll read the items for the SCBWI critique group on Sunday. That will be, I reckon, about six hours. I’m sure I’ll feel highly satisfied.

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