Friday 7 November 2008

Creative Language Learning

I’m now steaming ahead with this resource. It is remarkably easy to write, as it is based on twenty-five years of teaching languages and eight years of being creative. It writes itself to a large extent. I’m due to finish it by the middle of March, but I’m hoping to complete a first draft by the end of 2008.

It’s all based on students seeing the bigger picture, taking responsibility for their own learning and playing with the language, not being afraid of it.

I’ve also been in touch with a local school where I am going to pilot some of the materials and also do a little general work on creative writing with the students. It will be really interesting to see if it all works. I’m hoping I’ll also get a few more schools interested.

I am missing my fiction, but I guess a rest is good. Perhaps when I’m over the half way point, I might go back to one day fiction, one day non-fiction.

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