Tuesday 4 November 2008

The Angel Cafe

I had a most amazing time over there this afternoon. The Angel Café is found in the Angel Centre which specialises in well-being and fitness for the ordinary people. I’ve embraced it as one of my Creative Cafés.
I went there to have a chat to Andy, the guy who runs it, about launching Making Changes form there. We’re actually going to do it on the 1st of December, as that is when the first story should be read. We’ve decided on an afternoon, and they’ll have tea and cake on the go.
I meet an amazing guy there, called Micky Docks.
“I’ve travelled thirteen miles to eat here,” he says.
I don’t blame him. The food is really good, Cheap. Good-sized portions. Healthy without being mean. Comfort food without being stodgy. Good hearted.
Micky is a playwright and song-writer. He immediately gives me a list of all the people I should contact.
“Can you cope if we have 200 here?” I ask Andy. I’ll secretly be pleased with twenty.
Andy shrugs and grins.
“We’ll manage,” he says.
Suddenly there’s great enthusiasm. I catch it too.
I decide to eat. The tuna bake is great. And there’s not the usual pushing and shoving and hurry there is at the university. My dilemma is: should I tell everyone or do I keep this little gem to myself?
Another lady joins me. She works locally and is pleased to have found this place. She becomes interested in what I do. She might be able to do our MA course. I give her the appropriate colleague’s details. We arrange to meet up there again.
Yes, I’m definitely going to carry on going there for lunch.

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