Tuesday 25 June 2024

Where do you get Your Ideas From?


That’s the question that most writers dread being asked. But I’ve done a little analysis and this is what happens for me:

One story leads to another

Often as I’m working on one novel the idea for the next one will form.  I know what’s happening in this story. What will happen next? That’s sustained me through two series of seven novels.

Some physical activates seem to free the subconscious

Yes, ideas come at unexpected moments: when I’m swimming, walking, driving, ironing or cooking. And sometimes when I’m daydreaming on a bus.

Fictionalising true stories

A writer who lives locally to me for half of the year – she spends the rest of the time in Australia – writes stories about long lost ancestors. Her family history research gives her plenty of material. After I’ve finished my two series of novels described above I have three novels planned based roughly on my great grandmother.


Some people hate writing with prompts. I love them. It forces the creativity a little. So I find prompts: on X, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Blue Sky, and Facebook.  I’ve collected a book of prompts: see https://www.thebridgetowncafebooksshop.co.uk/2023/02/the-big-book-of-prompts_27.html I have treasure chest at home full of prompts I’ve gathered from various sources.  I encourage members of my creative writing group to dip in. 


Old postcards serve as fine prompts. The pictures on the front and the writing on the back tell great stories.

I have quite a few prompts as well on my Writing Teacher blog.    

Fair Submissions

The Fair Submissions  web site has several themed calls for submission. I often find my work is more readily accepted if I’m writing to a tight brief.

So, those are just a few places where I get my ideas from.    

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