Tuesday 18 April 2023

Launching Face to Face with the Führer

A pistol, an anteroom a Führer: will she shoot him?

Is this fiction or is this a true story? Well, if it’s true story, she obviously didn’t. It could be fiction but maybe not completely. Does she shoot him if it is? There’s one sure way to find out.

I’m holding two launch events for this book. One is on-line on 18 the May and the other is at The Met in Bury on 24 May. On 18 May the focus will be on this book, the fourth in the Schellberg cycle. The event on 24 will be about the whole cycle.

The cycle is based on real events but there is a lot of fiction there. Fiction is used here as method for exploring unestablished facts.

The essence of the true story is that a school sheltering disabled children was protected in Nazi Germany. It seems like a miracle that it survived. The cycle attempts to unpick that miracle. How did it survive? And what of the ordinary young German women who surrounded this event? What was life like for them?

An exercise book full of letters found in an attic partly answer these questions. This was a starting point for finding the answer to that question. You can read more about the Schellberg Cycle here. http://www.thehouseonschellbergstreet.com/

Face to face with the Führer focuses on a Holocaust survivor, mother of another survivor and daughter of a victim. She might also be described as one of our feisty women. (Chapeltown Books, Feisty Women series)

Sign up for the on-line event here. More news about the one at The Met to follow.     



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