Wednesday 21 February 2018

The House on Schellberg Street – Edition 2

The House on Schellberg Street went out of print with Crooked Cat in early December 2017. I've now decided to self-publish it and all of the other Schellberg Cycle books. This is in part as the books also feed into a series of workshops and talks I am doing. Whilst I have full control of the texts I can publish excerpts as and when I like and I can sell them at advantageous prices to schools and other groups. 

I have re-edited it. There were very few typos or other mistakes – Crooked Cat does a good editing job. However, language moves on and I move on as a writer. I gave it a very light touch.
We've added a new cover.  It is still in the style of the old one and is created by the same professional artist – my son! This makes it easy to see that it is a different edition. Copies of the older one are of course still available from second-hand sellers.  

I've extended the glossary slightly. I've altered the blurb in the light of what I've learnt about marketing and this also affects the product description and the key words on Amazon. My main buzz expression in "Holocaust Education". 

The second book in the cycle comes out at the end of March. It is called Clara's Story: a Holocaust Biography. It is the story of Clara Lehrs, my husband's great-grandmother. Big question: is she a Holocaust victim, survivor or resister? The text suggests that the answer isn't black or white. I've written it as a novel and indeed the actual writing sometimes does the research. There are huge gaps in her story – indeed in all of the Schellberg Cycle stories -  and I only find answers by asking such questions as  "What would Clara do in these circumstances?" "Why did Clara do that?"  I find the answers through my writing.  
If you'd like to know more about the Schellberg Cycle, take a look at: The House on Schellberg Street web site.

Below is a link to the book.   

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