Monday 26 February 2018

My new book on marketing

I'm not really  claiming to be the world's expert on marketing. In fact I'm gradually working my way through a marketing course myself. However, as many of you know I also work as a publisher and an editor. I often find myself answering the same questions over and over and so I thought it rather a handy idea to put all of these ideas together in one book.

This volume answers many of the questions that writers ask us about how they can help to promote their book and abut how much we can do to help.  It covers such topics as:

  • blogs
  • web sites
  • getting reviews 
  • press releases and advance author  information 
  • working with the local press, radio, TV, local bookshops and other venues
  • book launches
  • making a book trailer 
  • using social media 
  • other merchandise 
  • workign with schools, libraries and the Creative Cafe Project 
  • finding your fans and creating a mailing list 
  • professional bodies you should register with 
  • routines and checklists 

Otherwise available on Amazon.


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