Sunday 12 April 2009


I came across a story yesterday that I had forgotten I’d written. In fact, at first, I’d been convinced that someone else had written it and I’d just got it stored on my computer. Partly because I couldn’t remember a thing about it. And partly because it was very good.

Then I recognised a couple of lines from it. And I sort of remembered writing it. One year on holiday, I think.

I believe, though, I abandoned it because I didn’t see much chance of publication. Young Adult had only just been invented then. This is suitable for the lower end of that. And you just don’t write short stories for Young Adult. Well, of course at Bridge House, we’re changing all that.

I’m considering putting it on Triond. I’m not earning much from that yet, but I am earning something. It was whilst I was looking for a piece I wanted to put on there I came across “Weight Watching”.

I like Triond, even though you earn a pittance. Work is vetted. It usually takes about 24 hours for them to approve a piece. However, there was another surprise yesterday. I submitted “For peanuts”, a short comic sketch with characters also YA to their “off-beat” site yesterday. By the time I’d changed emial accounts it had been accepted for publication. In other words, within seconds.

Life is full of surprises.

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