Monday 6 April 2009

Plans at the Angel Centre

I’ve just had a long lunchtime meeting over the road. Scott Darraugh, the manager, called representatives of all groups together who might be interested in using the café or other Angel Centre space.
I met some interesting people. We were a slightly crazy mixture of creative practitioners and health care workers. It seems there is now a recognised link between mental, emotional and possibly physical health and creativity. One of the healthcare workers approached me about doing reading to do with emotional health. We signalled out The Lombardy Grotto for junior age emotional health, Scum-Bag for 14+ self-esteem and Nick’s Gallery for grief counselling. An interesting contact.
I also met some people who are working on local radio programmes about the earlier lives of older Salford residents. They are looking at the idea of having their word interpreted by younger people. This would be a way of bridging the gape between the generations. Getting some of our students to do this would also help bridge the gap between students and townspeople.
There’s going to be an open day on 30th April There will be a market, live music, and so much more. But they may have to postpone it for a week. I hope they do. I have a long-standing school visit arranged for that day and I really don’t want to miss the open day.
A very useful meeting indeed.

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