Thursday 2 October 2008

A Productive Day

I had a very productive day in London yesterday. The train journey form Manchester to London goes quite smoothly. It takes just two hours twenty minutes. If you book in advance, you also get reserved seats. So, that two ways, and the odd hour hanging around between meetings gave me time to do the final edit of “Making Changes”. I found a handful of mistakes.

I had a meeting at the British Library with the publisher of Litro, a monthly collection of short stories. 100,000 of these are distributed on the London Underground. We’re hoping to get about 50,000 distributed in the North West. It would basically have the same content as the London edition but localised advertising. It is finding that advertising which may be the challenge. We also looked at having a North West special and a student edition.

And whilst I was at the British Library, I managed to sneak a look at their theatre exhibition. It was very interesting. It was good, too, to manage lunch with my son and a an after-work drink with my daughter. Amazingly, also, they paid.

I popped over to Theodore Bullfrog to see whether they can do our launch for us on 6th December. Apparently they can. I reckon we can do it for £10.00 per head. It’s a good central place, near Waterloo station. They can take up to 100. It could be good.

A very successful and productive day, then.

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