Friday 15 August 2008

"Making Changes" - an Advent Calendar of Short Stories

The first “Advent Calendar” anthology of short stories, “Making Changes” from my publishing imprint, Bridge House, is coming together. It is beginning to look very good. I’ve just six more stories to put in, then I must do the introduction and the contents.

It doesn’t sound like too much work – just find 24 stories, edit them a little, put them together and then get on with the marketing. It is amazingly time-consuming but tremendous fun.

I’m impressed and delighted with the stories I’ve managed to find. Also, all of the authors are working together proactively. There is tremendous excitement. It is good to be part of this.

I do have a day job, which becomes full time in September. I am also self-employed. I think this fits in almost as a hobby, but reflects my “day job”. This is the problem with loving your work. You don’t actually have hobbies and there are no contrasts.

I’ve decided the book is going to retail at £8.99. This is common sort of price for anthologies of short stories and implies a slightly literary take. Popular ones will sell at about £4.99. But I think you get what you pay for. This book is quality. It has a good mixture of stories, with elements of fantasy, thriller, children’s real life and mystery. It is going to be a good read.

We have a suggested cover design, though it may not be the final one and any minute now, I’m registering it with Nielson. Progress indeed.

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