Sunday 21 January 2024

These are my favourite things about being a writer


  1. Being totally absorbed in the world I am creating
  2. Getting all sorts of ideas from the wackiest of places and at the most unexpected times:
    1. At the bus stop
    2. Whilst cooking
    3. When I’m stuck in  traffic jam
  3. Reading a book, watching TV or visiting the theatre or cinema counting as work because they feed my understanding of story
  4. Having lots and lots of friends in the writing world
  5. Seeing a book come out in the world
  6. Being part of a world that includes book festivals, author events and lovely, lovely books
  7. Getting that odd acceptance letter/ email.
  8. Sometimes somebody saying something nice about my writing.
  9. Not having to go out in the rain snow or heat wave in order to get to work
  10. Being able to do anything I want to – run a café, live in Spain, be rich – simply by writing about it.  

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