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News 2 March 2023

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Inspired by a local artist

With my Talking About My Generation  hat on, it was my privilege to visit last Saturday the Harold Riley Gallery at the Lowry Outlet Centre in Salford. I talked to the artist’s daughter  Kate, and granddaughter Hannelore. 

Harold Riley was a friend of Lowry and Lowry was also his mentor. Riley is the only artist to have had Nelson Mandela sit for a portrait. He was given the freedom of the city of Salford in 2017.

A full article will be coming out shortly with Talking About My Generation. 

One fact fascinated me and may be of interest to people reading this newsletter. Riley completes two commissions a year to cover his living costs, then he can spend the rest of his time on projects he deems important.  Is this comparable with my own experience? And that indeed of many creative practitioners?

For eleven years I worked as a lecturer in creative writing and I still do a little freelance work for the university. I earn a little from my writing.  I have a pension from the university which adds to my teaching pension and state pension. I’m not rich, but I’m comfortably off. So, I can carry on with projects I deem important and / or interesting even if they don’t make a lot of money or even make a slight loss.  

Thinking about how Riley works has made me see myself as more successful than I’d thought before.     


Writing news

I think I have a title for Peace Child 4: Looking for Butterflies or perhaps even, Finding the Butterflies.

I’ve had a couple of short stories published this month.

You can find my story Out of the Corner of My Eye here: It’s a bit of a ghost story.

Getting it into Perspective is here:  

I’ve made a book trailer for my latest release  Face to Face with the Führer. Incidentally, save the date. There will be an online launch 18 May 6.00 p.m.  to 7.00 p.m.

On Talking About My Generation I have an article about a local exhibition celebrating the 1970s and 1980s. You can read it here: 

I’m selling my Build a Book Workshop book on Kofi. This is all about working with children in school to publish a book. This is an alternative way of buying it.  You pay what you like: Build a Book on Kofi



On My Blog

I’ve had quite a few authors on my blog this month. Liz Cox, Jenny Palmer, Sally Angel Malina Douglas and Allison Symes talk about writing for the Evergreen and about their writing in general.  Janet Howson discusses her recently published A Cue For Murder.     

If you’re living the dream and spending a lot of your working hours writing do you have time for or even need hobbies? I discuss that here. Do take a look at the photo of my lovely choir.

Do we make a difference?  I ask that question here.


 The Young Person’s Library

I’ve added three books this month: 

We Don’t Eat This by Sue Graves and Alan Brown is an emergent reader text about farm animals.  

The Storm Swimmer by Clare Weze is for fluent readers and is set at the seaside. Ginika gets to know one of the sea people. I love this type of fantasy where the new world visits our more familiar setting.  

Igloo by Jennifer Burkinshaw is a beautifully written gentle YA romance largely set in the Alps. In fact, this is this month’s recommend read.

I know both Clare and Jennifer and have in fact published their short stories. It’s good to see them making strides through the writing world. 

Recommended read

Yes, I’m recommending Jennifer Burkinshaw’s Igloo

This is a gentle romance at the same time as being a gentle coming of age story.

Niv does not like skiing nor does she want to go to university. Her passion is for working with wood.  Then along comes Jean-Louis with his one set of problems mainly to do with his dysfunctional mother. Can Niv survive her poor GCSE results? Can her relationship with Jean-Louis continue? Will she regain her mother’s trust and affection? All of this set against a backdrop of snow, mountains and two igloos.

There is pace and tension a plenty in Jennifer Burkinshaw’s Igloo.     




Note: these are usually mobi-files to be downloaded to a Kindle.  Occasionally there are PDFs. This month I’m offering a Kindle file and a PDF of Other Ways of Being.  Mobi-files have stopped working on some Kindle devices, so we’re gradually changing over to the newer type of file. I’m afraid we haven’t updated this to the new sort of file for Kindle yet. You , however, be able to read the PDF on your Kindle.     


Other Ways of Being is my second collection of short stories.  


Read all about it here:

Other Ways of Being is an anthology of stories that ask us many questions about:

  • otherness: Is a stranger a threat or is he just trying to help? It may be as clever as being a fortune-teller but is it helpful?
  • other times: Is the wild woman really a little girl that she used to know? Will they be safe now or should they worry about the bright soldiers marching? Which horror does the deep sleeper hide?
  • other histories: Who was that strange child? How did they manage to feed so many people?
  • other worlds: Can a couple remain together even when their natures threaten to keep them apart? Is a seemingly incompetent wizard cleverer than he seems? What happens when an alien makes a mistake and almost gives himself away? Do animals help each other in their struggle against the damage that humans are doing? Who exactly is the lady in blue? Is Bradley’s the best story ever?
  • our near futures: Can a man survive in a dystopian future if he has no more human contact? What can ATMs do when society goes moneyless? What happens when the money runs out? Just how smart will the smartphone get? Or driverless cars for that matter? Where will we find sanctuary when the extremists start winning? What happens to the clones when the blueprint gets sick?
  • other sexualities and genders: Will we get used to Toni?

Does this collection supply the answers to those questions? That is for the reader to decide.


Find out more. Grab your copy and lots of other freebies

Note, you may have to copy and paste the link.   

And please, please, please leave a review, perhaps on Amazon, Good Reads and / or Story Graph, when you’ve finished.    

Note: Normally my books and the books supplied by the imprints I manage sell for anything from £0.99 to £10.99.  Most on Kindle are about £2.99 and the average price for paperback is £7.00. Writers have to make a living. But I’m offering these free samples so that you can try before you buy.


The Schellberg Project

The posts may be helpful for teachers who are familiar with the Schellberg stories or who are teaching about the Holocaust.  They may also be interesting for other readers of historical fiction.

Sometimes I also write about what might be useful to other writers.


I’ve added two posts this month. In The Little Underground Theatre I discuss my progress in planning the seventh book in the cycle.  And I think this will be its title.

In Megalomania I compare Putin to Hitler – and one or two others. I’m afraid Mr Putin comes off rather badly.  



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Happy reading and writing.



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