Saturday 4 February 2023

Jenny Palmer on Evergreen and her writing journey

 Jenny at a book signing at the Pendle Heritage Centre.


I heard about the Evergreen competition via the Bridge House newsletter.

Blue and green  were always my favourite colours but it took me a while to feel okay about that.

After working and travelling abroad for many years, I settled in London and joined a writing class at Centerprise bookshop in Dalston, London, called Night Writers, where I was encouraged to start writing short stories. I went on to work as a freelance editor and co-edited four anthologies of short stories for The Women’s Press and Serpent’s Tail.

This led me on to wanting to focus on expressing myself through my own writing. I have since written two memoirs of my own life, two family histories, going back 400 years to the time of the Pendle Witches and early Quakers as well as a book of short stories and a book of poems.

I am currently working on publicising my latest book ‘Witches, Quakers and Non-conformists.’ I perform poetry at Open Mic  events and write short stories for the Cafelit website. I am currently preparing a second collection of short stories, which I hope to publish next year.


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