Tuesday 12 July 2022

The Pros and Cons of Being a Publisher as Well as a Writer

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The advantages

  1. I get to work with lots of talented and skilled writers. I learn as much from them as they learn from me. Perhaps more.
  2. I get to do what I like doing without feeling guilty about it.  I do put quite a lot of effort into my own writing but I can’t do that all of the time so what can I do the rest of the time? I can put effort into other people’s writing and marketing.
  3. I have considerable control over the publishing process.
  4. I now understand more about the publishing process.
  5. We’ve produced a lot of books that have made us very proud.

The disadvantages

  1. I get a lot of emails and the urgent ones always seem to come when I’ve got the least time.
  2. I have to manage a lot of expectation.
  3. I throw my own money and a lot of my time at projects and I don’t always see a return, at least not for a long time.
  4. A lot of writers are wary of publishers and cast us as villains. I’m not villain, honestly.
  5. Some writers start with us and then go on to other (better? Maybe, maybe not) things. They don’t always continue to engage with us.    


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