Tuesday 17 August 2021

A snippet from Brigita Orel an 'Aftermath' author.


Tell me about your story in  Aftermath - but don't give any spoilers! 

'In a bubble' talks about how sometimes we don't really know the people who are closest to us until something unexpected happens – in this case the pandemic – and reveals their true nature.

What inspired you to write this?

The pandemic was a shock to all of us and it affected everyone profoundly and in unexpected ways. I saw many relationships falter or break up because of the stress of it.

Why did you think it important to contribute to this collection?

Such stressful situations as the current one need to be addressed head on in order to be able to gain the insight and tools to overcome the negative side effects they have. The best way I can do this is through fiction and the Aftermath collection offered me the outlet for that.

How have you coped with the pandemic?  

The lockdown didn't affect me much as I work from home and it was easier for me to adapt than for most of my friends and family.

Can you tell us about your other publications?

I published a picture book The Pirate Tree with Lantana Publishing in 2019.

A continuing response by writers to the Covid19 pandemic in 2020 and during the ongoing aftershocks in 2021, this collection is of work by writers we have published before and whom we trust, and their trusted colleagues. When disasters strike writers respond and react in words. They share with us their hopes and fears. They describe and rationalise.


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