Friday 3 May 2013

The Tower

I have a new book out!
The Tower is the third part of the Peace Child trilogy. Now alone again Kaleem tries to adjust to life without Rozia. A natural catastrophe happens on Zandra and threatens to undo all the good work that Kaleem had done in reconciling this planet with Terrestra, his birth planet.  Complications set in as huge economic problems come to light. He continues to be plagued by the Babel prophecy.
I’m offering Babel free as an e-book from 4 – 8 May. Check it out. You can also read Rozia’s Glog, which links Babel to The Tower. You don’t have to read it in order to understand The Tower, but it just gives you a little more story. You can read excerpts of The Prophecy on my Sample Sunday blog. Babel and The Tower also include a glossary. So lots of ways of getting up to speed if you haven’t read the first two volumes.
I’m again offering school visits to do with The Tower. This will include one free copy of the book – perhaps for the school library - readings, a question and answer session and a creative writing exercise. I’ll also bring postcards for the students and I can arrange to have a supply of books if you wish. If you are connected to a school and would like one of these visits, please email me at gill dot james at btinternet dot com.  I can also turn this into a longer visit.
 Note that The Tower is suitable for  students 14-18.
I’m seeking book reviews on this title, so please email me at the above address if you would like a copy and specify Kindle, PDF or hard copy.           

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