Thursday 17 June 2010

The Anthony Burgess Foundation – Opening of New Premises

The Anthony Burgess Foundation – Opening of New Premises
What a fabulous occasion this was yesterday evening. One of my colleagues is a member of the Foundation and consequently we were all invited. A large number of us went along.
The new premises are at the Engine House, Chorlton Mill, Cambridge Street, Manchester. It was easy to park and not too costly - £2.90 for four hours. There is a medium size car park opposite the venue and it was nowhere near full although all of the slightly cheaper on street parking was used up. Then there were probably more people there at one time than there would be normally be.
Goodness, we were fighting over the space. We could all see excellent uses for it. I personally would like to launch Babel from there. There is a small auditorium which is blessed with impressive light. There is a café – and I suspect this is going to become one of my creative cafés. Downstairs there is a small study area. Everywhere is tastefully decorated with interesting pieces of furniture and books – just right for the type of venue this is.
We were served drinks and small canapés throughout the evening. If this was an example of the catering, it bodes well for the future. There was a tasteful elegance about the way all was served, yet it was without pretension. The atmosphere was exactly right.
A highlight of the evening was a recital of some of Burgess’ music.
My goodness, what an extraordinary evening and my goodness what a fantastic venue.

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