Wednesday 23 December 2009

Being Snowed in - a Writer’s Dream?

It snowed all day yesterday. We could not move. Cars, apart from sturdy 4 X 4s could not get in and out of our road. Besides, we had to wait in for our free-range organic turkey. It still hasn’t arrived, but it is on its way. I was supposed to go and sing with my choir last night, but that really wasn’t going to happen. Watching the weather was a little distracting. Lots of fabulous pictures on Twitter. However, on the whole, I did manage to get a lot of writing done one way and another.
I finished my twelfth edit of Babel. We’re getting horribly close to that most demanding of edits – the one where you read the whole text out loud. You probably need to such a lot of sweets in between sessions. That’s a slower edit, of course.
So, I finished that edit. I also finished critiquing ten short stories for the winner of the Bridge House short story competition – Sandra Morgan. I did a little work on getting the Molecules of Hope web site up and running.
There is a glorious side to being snowed in. So many excuses not to do things. Food can be a worry. We do need to shop today. It looks as if we can get out with care. But as long as the infra structure is still working, as long as you can get news of the outside world and as long as you can keep warm, why worry? Writing time – in heaps.

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