Friday 6 November 2009

Salford Quays

I’ve been madly editing a book which had to be back with the publisher yesterday. Hence, I’ve not really had much time to write this blog lately. I hope a change for the better is now happening.
I’ve also been busy with my choir, the Ordsall Acapella Singers. We had two gigs down at the Quays last night and a rehearsal Tuesday evening – followed by normal choir practice. Today, as I’m now secretary for the organisation, I had to go and do some business at the bank – our branch happens just to be on the Quays.
The Quays is an odd sort of place. It doesn’t belong to Salford proper – it’s a tad too posh as well and that may become even more so once the BBC gets there. Yet it’s also oddly desolate. The bank itself seem futuristic and ahead of its time inside.
Yet it used to be a very industrialised area. In fact the performance we did down by the waterside celebrated Salford’s industrial past. Later, we performed in the Lowry Theatre during the interval. The audience was middle class and then some.
There’s a big council estate next to the Quays. A lot of good things happen there. Yet the residents remain in awe of this whole regenerated area and of nearby Salford University. It was really good then to see children from the estate coming to the venue carrying lanterns and enjoying the show we put on.
We were spared the rain both evenings. Not so this afternoon. Yet I still couldn’t’ help wondering at the amount of wildlife living on and by the water. Despite the grey skies and despite the rain, the place was beautiful. Post-industrial.

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