Tuesday 30 June 2009

David Morley – An Introduction to Creative Writing

“An Introduction to Creative Writing” is probably a misnomer for this book. I actually find it quite advanced and it is, in fact, suitable for teachers of Creative Writing at university level. The exercises in it are certainly very tantalising and I think maybe they would renew the creative juices and get the ideas flowing again. Maybe they’re something to be tackled whilst on holiday. I may just try that.
David Morley is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Warwick Writing Programme at the University of Warwick. Interestingly, he has a background in science.
The book goes deep and one could be fooled by looking at the headings and the title into thinking this was just yet another “how to” manual: chapters include those on writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, performing writing. Fortunately, others on creative writing in the world, the challenges of creative writing, composition and creative writing, processes of creative writing and writing in the community and academy show us that this is not the case.
This book has certainly provided me with food for thought. The writing exercises are really imaginative and the body of the chapters offer some thought-provoking ideas.

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