Thursday 19 February 2009

Never quite finishing

I had quite a feeling of elation yesterday, as I finished an educational book I’m writing for Continuum. It’s actually a manual for teachers with photocopiable sheets for students. Except I haven’t actually completely finished it. I have one more mindmap to create. I have an introduction to write and a tracking sheet to supply. Then I have to take all of the formatting back out as they don’t want us to design it. I’ve had to format it though, so that I can see if it all fits on to the A4 spreads it’s supposed to fit.

There are naturally all the other editing processes to be done as well. Sometime later today I’ll be printing out a hardcopy. I expect I’ll cringe at a lot of what I’ve written. I’ll also more easily be able to do some cross-referencing. So, still a heap of work to do and the whole thing has to be with the publisher by 14th March.

Yet I still feel a little elated. I just don’t have to think of another creative lesson plan.

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