Monday 21 July 2008

Becoming a Publisher

So, now I am a publisher as well. I have advertised for short stories for my “Advent Calendar” of short stories. I got about twice as many as I needed. I then had to make those sorts of decisions that editors and publishers have to make all the time. And I only had a small slush pile. I have to confess to being irritated by people who did not read the guidelines correctly. That even includes some people who were accepted. I had asked for contact details to be put on the bottom of each page, for instance. Some didn’t. Then it was quite a job fining out who they were in order to accept or reject.

Still, we’re up and running. Twenty-four stories have been chosen. This includes one of my on, four by one lady, and one – in fact the lead one – by a very good friend of mine. Hers shines out as the story which is the signature of the book. Another person I know has also got a contribution going in. She, and our star, were members of a critique group I joined in when I was in North Wales.

The cover is being designed. I’m just about to start the editing.

We’re all set for it to launch on the 13th of November 2008.

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