Monday 3 March 2008

Book Launches

I was at a Graeme Harper’s book launch last week. It was a joyous occasion – in a lovely setting with lots of people I knew, including Graeme himself, of course. Louise, his wife, had made some fabulous food. It was held at the sailing club at Llanfairfechan. Graeme, or rather should I say Brooke Biaz, launched his previous book from a sailing club. They do have a bit of atmosphere.

Martin and I both have books out as well – his “Food Assembly Instructions” and my “The Lombardy Grotto”. They both look good. And book launches are good fun.

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Cristina Costa said...

Dear Gillian,

this is great news.

Congrats on your new book.
I have only been to a book Launch once. It was the launch of a book by Jose Saramago and I loved the fact the writer was there himself explaining how/why he wrote that book. It was really interesting. It was a memorable event.

Once again Congratulations.

Cristina Costa