Saturday 29 December 2007

Beverley Birch’s “Rift” – A cracking Good read

I do read as much YA literature as I can. I heard Beverley Birch speaking just over a year ago at the SCBWI Writer’s day at the University of Winchester. Beverley is an interesting writer in that she also works as an editor, but in the end opted to have her work published by a different house from the one she works for. She edits for Hodder, but is published by Egmont.
“Rift” is extremely well written. It tells the story of five young people who go missing near the Chomlaya rocks in Africa. It is told mainly from the point of view of Ella, the younger sister of Charly, a journalist who accompanied a school expedition. Charly is one of the people who are missing.
The action takes place over three days and is charged with mystery. We do also have some passages with the point of view of the police inspector and of Joe, one of the boys who had been missing but who has inexplicably reappeared in the wrong place. We also have excerpts from the police log and from Charly’s notes, found somewhere near where she disappeared.
The author keeps us guessing all the time. It could be something supernatural, or a crime, or a tragic accident. I’ll not mention the outcome. I’ll just say that it is completely convincing. If anything, the suspense is such that you tend not to read it properly. You want to rush to the end.
I actually feel that now I might like to reread it, but a little slower this time.Anyway, I shall certainly be holding on to my copy: Beverley Birch has signed i

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