My Flash Fiction

140 x 140  140 stories 140 words long - inspired by the first picture I saw on my Twitter feed that day   

Doctoring the Doctors Being able to speak to patients is about more than getting the words right.

Genesis of a Retirement  Jack creates a new world.

My Sister's Wedding Chris comes to the rescue when they run out of wine at the wedding.

Postindustrial Nature claims back  mill-pond and makes this town seem like the Venice of the North

Predictive Text  Don't trust it - it can get you into trrouble.

Recognition  This really happened. Honestly. 

New Term Academic's Angst

Nose Bleeds and Walls  Ron gets to know the neighbours as he makes space for his car.

Recognition. The man intrigued her but he looked agitated. After she got on the plane she understood why.

Remembering Trivia A young girl remembers what she was doing the day Kennedy was shot
The Agent  Maxwell networks in order to get published.

The Dress  A killer dress helps Alice grow up.  

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