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A Gallery for Nick 2013
Updated Kindle version of Nick's Gallery 

An Advent Calendar of Stories  2009 
An edited collection of stories for the very young

Alternative Renditions 2009
Edited collection of alternative version of well-known fairy-stories  

A Suitcase Full of Stories  2009
Edited anthology for primary children 

Babel 2011
The second part of the Peace Child trilogy 

Babel (Peace Child Trilogy)

Babel (Peace Child Trilogy)
reviews: 5
ratings: 7 (avg rating 3.57)

Build a Book 2011
Manual and photocopiable resource for teachers and writers. Helps students create their own books.

Citizens of Nowhere 2017

 I co-edited this book and my story "The Wedding Next Door" features in it. Is a global citizen a citizen of nowhere?



 Clara's Story 2018

Clara will not be daunted. Her life will not end when her beloved husband dies too young.  She will become a second mother to the children who live away from home at an early age in order to visit a rather special school.  When life becomes desperate for a particular class of disabled children growing up in Nazi Germany she takes a few risks. Is her ultimate faith in the goodness of human beings a fatal flaw that leads to her tragedy or is her story actually one of hope? 

Devils, Demons and Werewloves 2010 
Short stories for young adults

Disasters and Miracles  2009
Retold stories from the Bible. 

Fibbin' Archie 2013 April  
A writing experiment. Young Adult set in West Bromwich 

Gentle Footprints 2010
Co-edited short story anthology book. Story by Richard Adams and foreword by Virginia McKenna Launched at Hay in 2010. Supports Born Free.

Girl in a Smart Uniform 

Girl in a Smart Uniform" is the third book in the Schellberg Cycle, a collection of novels inspired by a bundle of photocopied letters that arrived at a small cottage in Wales in 1979. The letters give us first-hand insights into what life was like growing up in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

It is the most fictional of the stories to date, though some characters, familiar to those who have read


I co-edited this book. The stories are funny, sad, poignant - the glitter comes in the shades of dark and light.

Going Places 
Edited collection of travel stories 

Hipp-O-Dee-Doo-Dah 2011
Edited anthology for primary school readers. Cover by Anthony Browne and foreword by Michale Morpurgo. Contains stories by Alan Gibbons and Lauren St. John. Supports Together for Short Lives.

In the Shadow of the Red Queen 2009
Edited collection 

Jason's Crystal 1997
Fantasy 9-11

Kiters (Lian Childs) 2011
Fantasy for 9-11

Making Changes 2008 
Edited anthology

Edited eclectic collection  

On This Day 2012 
Co-edited collection of stories that happened on the days big news broke

Other Ways of Being 

"Other Ways of Being" is an anthology of stories that ask us many questions about:

•otherness: Is a stranger a threat or is he just trying to help? It may be as clever as being a fortune-teller but is it helpful?

•other times: Is the wild woman really a little girl that she used to know? Will they be safe now or should they worry about the bright soldiers marching? Which horror does the deep sleeper hide?

•other histories: Who was that strange child? How did they manage to feed so many people?

•other worlds: Can a couple remain together even when their natures threaten to keep them apart? Is a seemingly incompetent wizard cleverer than he seems? What happens when an alien makes a mistake and almost gives himself away? Do animals help each other in their struggle against the damage that humans are doing? Who exactly is the lady in blue? Is Bradley’s the best story ever?

•our near futures: Can a man survive in a dystopian future if he has no more human contact? What can ATMs do when society goes moneyless? What happens when the money runs out? Just how smart will the smartphone get? Or driverless cars for that matter? Where will we find sanctuary when the extremists start winning? What happens to the clones when the blueprint gets sick?

•other sexualities and genders: Will we get used to Toni?


Otherwhere and Elsewhen 2012 
Edited science fiction collection

Nick's Gallery 2004
A real-life young adult story about loss and coming to terms with grief - now out  of print - see A Gallery for Nick  

Spooked 2009 
Edited collection of ghost stories

Spooking 2012
A light paranormal young adult romance

reviews: 3
ratings: 6 (avg rating 4.33)

Spooking 2015
2nd edition of above 

The Best of CafeLit 20112012
Co-edited anthology of short fiction

The Best of CafeLit 7  

Each story in this little volume is the right length and quality for enjoying as you sip the assigned drink in your favourite Creative Café. You need never feel alone again in a café. So what's the mood today? Espresso? Earl Grey tea? Hot chocolate with marshmallows? You'll find most drinks in our drinks index.

The Complete Guide to Learning a Language 2003
Exactly what it says!

The Complete Guide to Learning a Language

The House on Schellberg Street 2014 April
A story in three parts: about a special group of young people, about a Holocaust survivor and about the friends she leaves behind

The House on Schellberg Street
The House on Schellberg Street

The House on Schellberg Street Edition 2  
A story in three parts: about a special group of young people, about a Holocaust survivor and about the friends she leaves behind       

The Lombardy Grotto 2008
Fantasy for 9-11

The Prophecy2009
The first part of the Peace Child trilogy
The Prophecy
The Prophecy
reviews: 9
ratings: 12 (avg rating 3.58)

The Tower 2013 April  
The third part of the Peace Child trilogy.

To be  .... to become  







To Be .. To Become is the theme of the 2018 Waterloo Festival Writing Competition. It is also the title of the e-book, which contains the sixteen winning entries. Some fantastic writing was offered and all of it was potentially publishable. We chose these because they told a good story, had a strong voice and were imaginative in their interpretation of the theme.
Entrants were asked to produce a short story or a monologue. Style was diverse and each story is completely different from the others.
This delightful English language anthology of literary fiction comes to you for under £2.50. 
Twelve Days 2009 
Edited anthology

Veiled Dreams 2013 July  

Spooking Spooking
reviews: 3
ratings: 6 (avg rating 4.33)

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