Tuesday 9 July 2024

Judith Skilleter talks to us about her involvement with The Best of CafeLit 13


How did you first get to know CafeLit

I think I stumbled upon Cafelit  when I was searching for an agent or a reputable publishers for my April series of children's' books. As I was writing more short stories at that time it seemed a good idea to follow it up. I still  have not found an agent or publisher.

What do you like about it?

I am being very selfish here. My Cafelit stories  have brought more discipline to my writing. I have learned so much about wasted words and phrases . It is not so much about what to include but what to discard and how to achieve balance. I am still learning, 

Tell us a little about the story you have in the volume. 

My story in Cafelit 13 is "Ray is a good man." I get ideas from what is happening around me and "Ray" developed from me reading about things being stolen from doorsteps before Xmas. The drinks I pick are what I fancy when submittimg the story. The next drink will be a marvellous whisky blend from Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. The husband and I are getting through the bottle too quickly.

Do you have a favourite “Creative Cafe”? 

Not really but I always have a book with me. I even take a book to the cinema to make use of the wasted minutes before the lights go down. I am currently reading Tom Lake by Ann  Patchett - it is lovely.

Do you write in cafes?  

No. I am not JK Rowling in any sense. I have enough space at home to have a writing area

What are you working on now? 

I am waiting for an idea.  Apart from yesterday when I submitted another story to Cafelit  nothing is cooking in my computer att the moment.

Do you have any writing news? 

There is frustration that celebrities get so much free publicity for their books and  there are so many people out there like me, who need support and representation. I have three April books, an Ava, a Fishtales and a bereavement book sitting in my computer going nowhere. But I did have a wonderful email conversation with Joanne Harris who suggested that I have to decide whether I write for fun or to be a famous author. She gave an example of her husband who enjoys football but will never play for Manchester United. At the moment I am happy to write because I enjoy it.

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