Monday 15 April 2024

Some Fun Things about Being a Writer


Only today at breakfast I talked to my husband about how fortunate I was that for the last eleven years of my working life I was in effect paid to do my hobby. I was paid to write, research and talk to other people about writing. I had a job at a university as a lecturer in Creative Writing. I even had a sabbatical in order to just write and research and out of that sabbatical my Schellberg Cycle was born. I shall be starting the seventh and final book soon.  Already it is clear there is some fun in writing.

So here is a list of ten things I like about being a writer.

1.      Reading , watching TV, going to the cinema or theatre or even gossiping in the pub all add to your understanding of story.

2.      Even if you’re reading a book you’re not finding so good you can switch your critical head on and enjoy the analysis.

3.      I enjoy going to other writers’ book events. And the festivals and conferences.

4.      When you write, you can visit all sorts of worlds you wouldn’t normally know. You can be anyone or anything.

5.      If anyone annoys you, you can get revenge by putting them in a novel or sort story.

6.      You can get ideas form the most surprising places and at some interesting times: on a bus or at a bus stop, while you’re walking the dog, from some of the “little” stories in your local newspaper.

7.      It’s fabulous when you get a copy of your book in your hand.

8.      Great reviews make you feel good. And you learn to shrug the others off.

9.      It’s encouraging seeing your sale rank go up on Amazon and when you get your royalties.

10.  Other writers can become great friends.

So definitely: being a writer is fun.    

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Sarah Swatridge said...

I agree with your Top Ten, but I'd also point out the satisfaction you feel when you finish writing (even the first draft). And more so after editing and you're proud of what you've achieved. Then pleased when you've sent it off. Delighted when it's accepted. I enjoy the anticipation of knowing I've got a story coming out, then I get a buzz when I see it in print and it's great if someone else sees it and tells me. Being paid for doing this is also a bonus!