Friday 24 November 2023

Ellen Sullivan chats to me about Gifted


How did you interpret the them for this anthology? 
I believe there are times when you receive something you think you don’t want, but it turns out to be a gift and that’s what occurs in my story.

How did you find out about our call for submissions? 
I found your call for submissions when it was featured on Duotrope which I use regularly to manage my submissions.
What are the merits for you of the short story form? 
The short story form allows me to dive deeply into a moment in a life to explore how small changes come about in the often intractable thing we call our self. Of course, there are times when my exploration doesn’t reveal any change. That’s also interesting to me as a chance to discover what truly is at the core of a person.
Tell us a little about you as a writer
My first short story was published in 2008. Since then I’ve had about a dozen stories published along with a chapter in a co-written book. I began writing plays about fifteen years ago and I've had numerous short plays in festivals across the country and in Canada. 

Do you have any more forthcoming publications or events
My next publication is scheduled to come out in 2024, a short story, Mother Love, which has been selected to appear in the literary journal Big Muddy.
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