Tuesday 31 January 2023

Jan Moran Neil, Evergreen Author



Today Jan Moran Neil tells us about Evergreen and her writing.  

How did you hear about our competition?


What inspired you about the theme?

 I had been both fascinated and appalled by the story of Matilda Scheurer, a hat fluffer in the late nineteenth century.

I had written the poem but the story never left me. When i saw the theme ‘evergreen’ it spurred my on to write the story especially as I discovered my great-great- grandmother was a fancy box cutter at this precise time. So fiction took hold.


How did you get to write short stories?

I have been writing stories since I was a child.


In no more than three sentences can you summarise what made you become a writer?

I come from a performance stable. I write to perform.


What else are you working on?

My own memories rather than ‘memoir’ – as it is from this hub that all else


Jan Moran Neil: www.janmoranneil.co.uk


Jan’s novel Shakespeare’s Clock and Creative Ink pandemic anthology When This Is All Over ...

are available on Amazon.

Read Jan's story 'Scheurer's Green' in  Evergreen

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