Wednesday 13 February 2019

Think seasons and festivals

It will be Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I go to a Spanish Conversation group once a month and this month we have been asked to prepare something about the day. Have we got a story? I’m sure it will be an interesting session.     

I’ll often accept something seasonal for CafeLit. I schedule in advance and we’ve had something ready for Valentine’s Day for some time now. I even have several Christmassy stories scheduled for December 2019.       

Days of the Year  provides useful tips about significant days. gives a more succinct day by day description.  

There are the obvious ones of course: just a few coming up in the next few weeks include Pancake Day, Ash Wednesday, Mothers’ Day (UK) Easter and  - dare I mention it - Brexit Day.
Then there are the seasons.  If you write with the senses you are sure to make good use of the cold crisp days, the warmer afternoons blessed with spring flowers, the balmy warm days on favourite beaches and the glorious colour of the autumn.

You may have to rely on memory a lot. You could find yourself writing about Christmas on beach days, about spring on the dark days after Christmas and about seaside holidays in February because of publishers’ deadlines. One good thing about being a writer is that you can enjoy all of these sensations-packed scenarios from the comfort of your own writing-den.  

These settings may provide another resource when you’re all out of ideas.                 

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