Sunday 25 November 2018

Today's Specials: A Selection Of Literary Delights

Today's Specials: A Selection Of Literary DelightsToday's Specials: A Selection Of Literary Delights by Oldham Writing Cafe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This anthology is produced by the writing group that call themselves the Oldham Writing Café. They meet twice a month in Oldham. See their Facebook page here .
As a publisher who produces anthologies I know how difficult it can be putting together a cohesive book where every piece pleases the reader. This can be even more difficult when it is a collection by diverse connected writers rather than something where all pieces revolve around a central theme.
However, this one succeeds in keeping the reader engaged throughout. Whilst I liked some pieces more than others there was nothing I disliked and I enjoyed reading some fine writing.
The stories and poems are grouped in to Starters, Main Courses and Deserts. The final section of the book is called Speciality Coffees and gives information about the writers and the group. This section also includes acknowledgements.
Worth a look.

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