Friday 18 September 2015

Writer’s Retreat

It’s beginning to feel like a lifetime ago but it’s actually only just three weeks since I went on a writer’s retreat at the lovely Retreatsfor You location in Sheepwash, Devon. Host Debs and Rob really make you feel welcome. We were truly pampered. The meals were fabulous, with delicious food and the company and good conversation of other writers, the rooms comfortable and conducive to writing and particularly lovely was the glass of wine delivered at 6.00 p.m. to your desk. It was cosy too, sitting by the log fire. 

Do I need a writing retreat?

I have no problems normally with finding time to write. I usually manage a couple of hours a day. So I did hesitate at first when colleague JudyKendall asked me to go along. It was the thought of being pampered that persuaded me to go in the end. I felt well looked after whilst I was there. Okay, so I’d paid, but I was left feeling very much that my work counted and that I was respected as a writer.  

Lots of writing and some relaxation too

Yes, there was time room for “playing” on the swings, for going for walks, spotting attractive plants and even visiting the pub. We had long meal times and yet managed to write for about seven hours a day. I even managed a fair amount on the train journeys there and back.

Good company

Spending time with like-minded people counted for a lot. As well as Judy, another colleague Ursula Hurley came along. Ursula brought her mum. I invited my good friend and business partner Debz Hobbs-Wyatt. Yes, we enjoyed good company.  

A lovely surprise

I worked on several projects whilst I was there. One of them I printed out and proof read in hard copy before sending it to the publisher last week. The part I’d written at the retreat contained fewer mistakes and was better written. Clearly being on retreat did something.  

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