Tuesday 29 March 2011

Unlocking the Salford Quays

The sculpture trail was opened on Sunday 27 March. I went to the event and it became for me yet another Artist’s Treat.
I have to admit, though, it was quite a shock walking into the Lowry and first up seeing a screen with me on it and the rest of Diva’s Dockers performing the Salford song.  Never mind, the day got better.
The walk around the Sculpture Trail takes about one hour, though it took me ninety minutes, as I stopped to watch a display of dance by young people, chatted to the guide at each spot and spent time reading the rubric at each spot.
It was a mild day and very pleasant for walking. It was flat, anyway. It struck me that there is a lot about the Quays that I don’t know. I found some interesting houses as I wandered around. It’s always pleasing anyway to see the wildlife that exists on the former Ship Canal now that the industry has gone.
I managed to catch the tail end of one of the guided walking tours that had ended up at the final sculpture, The Casuals. The sculptures themselves give a real sense of Salford’s history. Listening to this talk enhanced my feeling of connection with the past – especially as the son of one of the former dockers was there.
I ended the afternoon at a drinks reception in the Quays Bar. The Lowry gives you a fantastic view of the Quays, especially from that bar.
There is some sadness at the passing of the old way of life “what once was, is no more, memories of the Salford docks”… “a way of life has now changed, gone are the pubs and the big steel cranes.” Yet there was also a feeling of celebration about what the area has now become.

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Sue Wilkes said...

I remember seeing the big ships at Trafford docks when I was a little girl growing up in Salford