Monday 10 January 2011

An Optimum Day

It was rather glorious at the weekend. I was in Wales, and for once the weather there was much better than in England – clear, mild for the time of year and snow-free. I’d left four inches of very wet snow and driven through freezing fog to get there.
I was there for a variety of reasons: to celebrate a friend’s birthday, to discuss a little business with her as she also a business partner, to catch up with some old friends and to meet one of our new authors.
It all worked like a dream. The journey was fine, I was delighted to meet the new addition to my friend’s family – a, friendly, very wriggly, puppy-come-dog. We swapped a few opinions about the business but of course couldn’t make any decisions without the other two partners. Mainly good, though.
We met up with some members of Cellar Writing Group on the Saturday morning at the Blue Sky café, Bangor. It is such a vibrant place. Some of our friends had one of the delicious breakfasts. We were being good. But we were intending to have lunch there.
The Cellar Writing Group had just started when I lived on Bangor. It has developed so positively. There are now genre-specific sub groups that work in a very professional way and send each other work in advance. Meeting at Blue Sky for breakfast every now and then is just another option – a great one, actually. It’s always good to talk to other writers about writing. Even better in a place with the ambience of the Blue Sky.
We met our new author. She won the Bridge House novel-writing competition. The noble happens to be set in North Wales. As the writing group gradually dispersed we were able to talk about our marketing ideas and an editing schedule.
We actually occupied a table for four hours in the café. We did them proud though: everyone had at least two rounds of drinks and one round of food.
It’s all appropriate anyway. Blue Sky is one of my Creative Cafés and what we did there epitomised what the Creative Café is all about. It optimizes the day even more when I remember that Blue Sky actually belongs to my second-cousin-in-law.
Yes, Friday evening / Saturday morning were part of an optimum day. I just had to round it off by stopping at Colwyn Bay on the way home. This was a favourite seaside place when I was a child and I used to dream then of someday living there. Well, I’ve sort of managed that.
And I was very pleased that on Saturday the tide was in and the waves were bouncing up on to the promenade. Definitely an optimum day.

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